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  1. New Member Introductions
    Anyone here use Jeremy for their LSA tune? I would like to hear your experience before I post mine if you don’t mind. Thank you in advance! sorry forgot to add, recently or in the past. If so, when and how did his process work out for you?
  2. Engine/Supercharger
    Hello! I'm Kim Minkyu, who owns the October 2010 Cadillac CTS-V in Korea. (Please understand that the grammar is weird because I am writing using a translator.) My vehicle ran about 187,000 km and is currently unable to operate due to damage to the inner wall of the No.3 cylinder. I'm looking...
  3. Engine/Supercharger
    Just bought this on eBay 112 mm front supercharger drive it came with a 10 bolt pulley hub for $350.00 cheaper option then getting you factory one ported and welded.
  4. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    12631035 OEM LSA supercharger / blower lid from my 2012 Cadillac CTS-V. Pictures are of actual item. Good condition, no leaks or damage. 38k miles on it. Sensors included. Fits 2009 to 2015 LSA / CTS-V. $400 shipped. Located in Glendale, California Thanks! Allen
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi I’m coming from mopar and decided to give the lsa platform a try. I’m familiar with most makes models. Trying to go best route without breaking the bank only 2012 cts v coupe ! Appreciate love from cali LA 💯
  6. General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    alright guys, 2 weeks ago i went to mexico (no i wasnt racing till i was driving bck home) didnt race bacause i needed to upgrade my fuel pump. So i did 4 pulls and on the last 2 pulls, i smelled alot of gas my engine light was flashing and running funny. I knew my fuel pump took a shit and...
  7. CTS-V WTB Items
    Looking for a complete set of OEM GM LSA/LS3/etc. rockers in good condition. Used is fine as long as they are in decent shape. Shipped to 11430 please. Thank you!
  8. General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    I just got this 2012 CTS-V A6 Sedan and have been talking to John at Dedicated about upgrades and had a few questions that I wanted to relay though everyone. First of all this car has QTP cutouts, Airaid Intake, ZL1 lid, and a trunk mount icebox with 3/4" line running all the way up to the lid...
  9. CTS-V Pictures
    Bought a 2012 manual V coupe (black) in August 2014 Married December 2015 Son #1 September 2016 Son #2 February 2018 Wife loves my hobby and didn't want me to lose my balls or my identity... so I brought up the best possible solution since the invention of the zip-tie. An automatic wagon...
  10. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Low mileage , good condition , set of 8 stock LSA CTS-V fuel injectors for sale. I have no use for them any longer. $120 shipped Local pickup $110 (Glendale CA 91204). PM or reply here if interested Thanks! Allen
  11. Intakes
    So I installed a Mamo ported LS7 TB on my 2012 sedan a few days ago.... First, communication with Tony was great - quick responses to questions and all the information I needed to make a decision/selection. Shipping was timely, and packing neat. I did notice and remove some tiny aluminum...
  12. Engine/Supercharger
    Hello all, i recent bought a CTS V but unfortunately 90 miles later the super charger started smoking, they picked up the car and diagnosed the issue. They said it now needs a new motor because of the metal that the supercharger sent into the engine. Has anyone heard of this?? 39k miles. 2011...
  13. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    SOLD New LSA V Max Ported TB SOLD Hi I have a brand new LSA Throttle body ported by V Max never run, I did bolt it on my project. SOLD shipped lower 48.
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hows it gonig everyone. Im currently in the process of purchasing a complete LSA swap from a 12 CTSV with 39kmiles. I plan on transplanting that into a 97 Cobra. Some may or may not like this but this is what I wanted to do. My overall end goal for this car is to have a 650-750whp car with...
  15. Troubleshooting
    Hey guys, Apparently there was a little known Cadillac option for it to rain INSIDE the car, but I'm not sure how to turn it off, lol. I remember reading about clogged drains in sunroof cars, but never got off my ass to check them. Now El Niño is here and I'm screwed. Help me, QUICK!! Pretty...
  16. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    As the title states , up fo grabs is my factory air box (modified per Lingenfelter recommendation), Lingenfelter intake pipe, couplers (two), clamps, and k&n drop in filter (I will clean it ; equivalent to a new filter). I've upgraded my throttle body and intake system a few months ago, so it's...
  17. General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    I do apologize about posting here because I don't own a CTS-V, but I do own a C6 Corvette with plans to bolt on a LSA supercharger. The only problem is I've heard the LSA harmonic is too big to fit on a C6 because C6s only have two belts and the LSA has three. Does anybody have the external...
1-17 of 31 Results