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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, my name is Dave, I have a 2005 CTS-V, standard LS6. Joined to get information on my car. Wanting to get my 1/4 time down, as of right now I have done the following: Intake, Tune, Thermostat, traction bars, and street radials. I'm at a 12.9, wanting to get into low 12s. Any ideas...
  2. Engine Mods
    I recently purchased 6.0 short block from Thompson Motorsports with cam package. I have 243 heads, my original thought was to port and polish the heads by them for $850. I've read that ls3 heads will give the same gains has porting 243 heads. Now I'm debating if I should port the heads or sell...
  3. Engine Mods
    I blew my motor over the weekend on my 05 CTS-V. The block is cracked. I purchased the car back in march and unfortunately I do not have warranty. I was looking at getting a LQ9 block, but wanted to know what would be the best route to take to get it back running.
  4. Other Vehicles Pics/Videos
    I'm thinking..... THINKING of building my ls6. Here's what I plan and please provide input. Minus the answer of "just drop a ls3,lsa, ls7" lol Ls6 block and rotating assembly Ls9 cam RHS LS7 heads for 3.9 bore As of right now that's the main things I'm considering. Obviously beefier lifters...
1-4 of 6 Results