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  1. D3 lid spacer

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Anyone interested in a cheap, lightly used D3 lid spacer? 5/8ths I believe? Shoot me an offer, thanks!
  2. [email protected] new best

    Track Racing
    Had the V out a Formfest did a Lid spacer and retune since the last time I ran the car. The Lid spacer picked up 1-2mph and almost 2 tenths. Mods at this point are 2.5 upper 9.1 Lower Meth injected New Erra Intake with Green filter 160deg stat ETS Front heat exchanger Lid spacer done by ER...
  3. Lid Spacers - 3 available

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    WHAT'S INCLUDED -Supercharger Lid Spacer 5/8" 6061 Aluminum -Extended flange head bolts -Spacers for the strut tower brace $325 - Plain spacer $375 - Drilled for direct port methanol injection (one week lead time)
  4. Lid Spacer Group Buy

    GROUP BUY SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY I am honoring any commitments to this group buy at the price of $300 per kit plus shipping. However, I am suspending the group buy for a bit to help Guard Dog sell his inventory of spacers. ORIGINAL POST BELOW I am not a fan of companies charging a bajillion...