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  1. Engine/Supercharger
    Finished up Ronnies CTSV last night on the chassis dyno, and she made 1063 RWHP. Stock Block, Stock Crank, Stock Ported Heads, Stock Blower lid. The dyno was having a tough time picking up a torque reading, but I would guess in the neibhorhood of 1150 RWTQ. Based off of wheel speed, it is making...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Just wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves- First off, we are a new sponsor here on the forums, but not new to the V platform whatsoever. We have been working on and modding these cars since they first came out in 2004. We are an LSx/LTx based performance shop located in race city...
1-2 of 9 Results