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  1. What Are ZR1 Intercooler Pumps Worth?

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    ZR1 Intercooler Pump solddddddddddddddddd
  2. WEAPON-X 2016 CTS V Gen 3 Heat Exchanger System info!

    Weapon X Motorsports
    As you guys know, the WEAPON-X heat exchangers are the most highly heralded and requested by tuners from shops all over the world. So, of course we'll be on the forefront of the V3 market! ;) The prototypes are in and going on the car today, they're MONSTERS! Any of you guys who have had the...
  3. MARCH MADNESS!!! KPE OE Direct Replacement HX on sale all month!! $599

    The Korkar Performance direct replacement heat exchanger is like no other on the market. Our HX fits in the OE location uses the OE mounts, fittings and lines for an easy install. No bumper removal or cutting up your CTS-V. Features 1.25" 16 fin/in. upgraded core with 103% more surface area than...
  4. D3 Heat Exchanger

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    D3 Heat Exchanger, TR7IX Plugs D3 heat exchanger used, going a different route. SOLD Paypal [email protected]
  5. FS: NEW CTS-V Heat Exchanger

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    SOLD: 1 brand new in box 36" x 7" x 5.5" Heat Exchanger for a CTS-V - $675 shipped, plus 3% for Paypal or credit card fees. Included below is the link to some similar parts that we found online, complete with installation instructions, to use as a reference. FLUIDYNE CTS-V Heat...