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  1. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Nothing wrong with them what-so-ever just upgraded to 1300s. 5k miles on them, ID1050x they will be pulled off the car today. $800 shipped in the USA. Will post pic if absolutely necessary, and when I get a minute. Thanks Mark
  2. Mont Motorsports
    Mont Motorsports is your one stop shop for your 09-15 Cadillac CTS-V fuel options. We offer ID, DSX, FIC, & more! PACKAGE #1 - DSX Flex Fuel Kit & Injectors (FIC 1000cc / ID 1050x / ID 1300x) ^^^ CLICK LINK ABOVE ^^^ PACKAGE #2 - DSX Flex Fuel Kit, DSX Auxiliary Fuel Pump, & Injectors (ID...
  3. General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    I just got this 2012 CTS-V A6 Sedan and have been talking to John at Dedicated about upgrades and had a few questions that I wanted to relay though everyone. First of all this car has QTP cutouts, Airaid Intake, ZL1 lid, and a trunk mount icebox with 3/4" line running all the way up to the lid...
  4. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Low mileage , good condition , set of 8 stock LSA CTS-V fuel injectors for sale. I have no use for them any longer. $120 shipped Local pickup $110 (Glendale CA 91204). PM or reply here if interested Thanks! Allen
  5. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Price: $425 Had these on the car for about 6k-7k miles, ran great but simply out grew them. Worked very well with E85 and Pump gas. These injectors are in 100% working order. **Price Drop
  6. Mont Motorsports
    MONT MOTORSPORTS BLACK FRIDAY SALE IS LIVE *** CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW *** NOW through Sunday 11/26/17 We will be adding a few more products throughout throughout the day tomorrow. Save BIG on hundreds of products! If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]
  7. CTS-V Parts For Sale
  8. Weapon X Motorsports
    PURCHASE HERE: CTS-V2 Racing by WEAPON-X Motorsports ? ID2000 Injectors (8) for LS The ID2000 has set the standard for linearity and control in a large injector. Flowing in excess of 2000cc/min at 3 bar, the ID2000 will also provide a smooth stoichiometric idle on E85, and it will do all...
  9. Weapon X Motorsports
    PURCHASE HERE: CTS-V2 Racing by WEAPON-X Motorsports ? ID1050x Injectors (8) for LS Upgrading injectors? Any injector can "flow" at wide open throttle, the difference is in low end driveability; don't settle! These new and improved injectors are a direct fit replacement for the LSA engine...
  10. Mont Motorsports
    ID1050x Fuel Injectors are NOW available! * ORDER HERE * The ID1050X is the evolution of the ID1000, and the latest addition to the X-Series. It is the most recent offering from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport, and is the result of lessons learned during development...
  11. Mont Motorsports
    It's already that time again for the largest sale of the year - BLACK FRIDAY As always, we want to hear from our customers what you want to see on sale. The more we hear from you, the more we will put on sale! Now's the time to stack those parts up for the winter build, or have your wife get...
  12. Mont Motorsports
    FIC Fuel Injectors available at Mont Motorsports We offer injectors to cover all of your needs whether it be LS1/LS6, LS2, or LS3/7/9/A in a large range of sizes 850cc / 1000cc / 127lb / 142lb & more! These are all direct drop in, plug-n-play units that include injector data necessary for...
  13. Mont Motorsports
    SALE IS LIVE - CLICK HERE It's that time of year again where the holidays seem to come every couple of weeks, so you know what that means... SALES, SALES, SALES! We'll be launching our Labor Day Sale next Friday, September 2nd & will run until Monday, September 5th at midnight. ANYONE...
  14. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I have a few stock parts laying around in boxes since my recent engine build, figured someone might want these parts. These all came off my 2012 V Sedan at around 20k miles. I’m in Chicago so local pickups are preferred, but I will ship anywhere in the US. Stock wires 20 shipped Stock push...
  15. Mont Motorsports
    With the holiday season approaching, that also means it's the season of sale's! For our Black Friday Sale, we'll let the customers dictate what goes on sale. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to offer the best possible savings! It's 100% up to you guys to let us know...
  16. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Just installed a couple parts so have these laying around. -Stock injectors: $150 shipped OBO ***SOLD*** -Stock Lid: $150 shipped OBO -Stock Throttle Body: Make an offer -Stock upper pulley, idler, and belt: ***SOLD***
  17. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I have a set of flow matched ID 850 injectors for 09 and up LSA. These plug right in with no adapters or extra wiring needed so you can easily go back to stock. They were used for less than 500mi and the car was turned back to stock. I will ship USPS Priority mail included in the price to...
  18. Engine Mods
    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some help from someone on a small problem I have run into with the car. 1st thing- Under a load, say 5th or 6th gear at lower rpms, if I get into the throttle a little bit to pick up speed, the engine will stutter or miss a little bit until I get up into...
  19. Fueling
    Do you think it is necessary to have a boost a pump? Hope to be in the upper 600s to low 700s rwhp with the set up im installing? Please let me know your thoughts:confused:? I know that D3 uses it all the time for high boost applications.
1-19 of 22 Results