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  1. Weapon X Motorsports
    PURCHASE HERE: CTS-V2 Racing by WEAPON-X Motorsports ? ID850 Injectors (8) for LS Upgrading injectors? Any injector can "flow" at wide open throttle, the difference is in low end driveability; don't settle! The ID850 was added to the Injector Dynamics lineup to fill the need for a high...
  2. Engine/Supercharger
    A couple months ago I became a Cadillac owner for the first time. First time having a supercharged V8 as well and you already know it's a monster. This car is my daily driver and I do rack up a ton of highway miles. I'm looking to do the following mods but would like to know the affects it would...
  3. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I have a D3 polished air intake $200.00 and a set of ID850 injectors "$700.00" for sale. The intake has been on for 7 months and the injectors have 200 miles on them if that. Also have D3 lid spacer for sale as well. $300.00.
  4. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I have a set of ID 850's here that I thought was going to sell but last few guys went different routes. I have WAY too many injectors here and some need to go. I have a few sets of the FIC 1000cc which are great for E85 higher HP levels with perfect driveability. Please call my cell I can charge...
  5. Weapon X Motorsports
    click: FUELING This section will get the motor the needed fuel to make the HP you're after. Anytime you're adding more boost, you need to up the fuel supply. Larger injectors, Complete return system, Methanol Kit, NOS, etc... you'll find it here! pssst I have the spacers to make the...
1-5 of 7 Results