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  1. Tuning
    Here is the story. yawn. added BillBoats pipes. Light came on. paid $300 for an HPTuner person to bypass my rear 02's. light came back after a day. codes P0420 P0430. Where can I find a Tuner within a 100 miles of me. zipcode 77701 southeast Texas Thanks if you read this
  2. Northeast
    Changed out my headers over the weekend and left the rear o2s out. Was hoping there was someone in the NYC area that knows what they are doing and would be willing to meet up and shut this CEL off for me. I was trying to find a shop but couldn't find anyone closer than Tune Time down in south...
  3. Tuning
    I have been trying to learn more about HPTuners to mess with more things to make improvements for my car. I have done internet searches and came across a few different places (different cars forums) hoping to gain knowledge to apply to the CTS-V. Currently I want to raise my shift rpm for 2-3...
1-3 of 4 Results