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  1. Track Racing
    2018 CTS-V. I've done one HPDE track day and encountered mild brake fade (I believe fluid vapor lock as the pedal was mush). Also, attended the Cadillac V Academy where it was recommended the brake fluid be replaced if doing track events. I contacted the local dealer and the service manager...
  2. Track Racing
    Questions below for a 2011 Sedan. Wheels -- I am considering the purchase of a square setup to use during HPDE track days to get more life out of tires. I have read that 18x9.5 is a populate size wheel. Please let me know what brand and vendor you recommend. I am not as concerned about...
  3. Track Racing
    Might as well post this same thing on yet another forum. I've captured a number of videos and never really shared many of them, so I figured I'd just post a bunch in one thread. These are in chronological order, and you'll see that the videos get more advanced as I add more toys to my video...
1-3 of 5 Results