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  1. Interior Upgrades
    I changed out my halogen bulbs for LEDs and created a spreadsheet of all bulb types, whether they need a resistor, and where you can get them. Let there be light! :cool: ITEM SOURCE TYPE PRICE RESISTOR Low Beam HID Amazon D1S (5k, 35w) $60 No Fog HID Amazon H10 (6k, 55w, w...
  2. Exterior Upgrades
    Ebay hid kit. 35 watt slim ballast "4300"k(look more like 5k or 6k to me). This particular kit has no name brand. I will be ordering other name brands like xentec and try there 4300k, as well as trying a 55watt ballast because these are just too blue for me. There is a noticeable difference when...
1-2 of 2 Results