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  1. Other Vehicles Pics/Videos
    Thought I would share some info on this Amazing car I have had a chance to tune, Drive :) and work on. The car is owned by a close friend of mime who we work very close with Extreme turbo Systems. We have a pretty cool relationship since he is a parts builder and I am a installer tuner. We...
  2. Street Racing
    Went out Sunday night to have some fun at a meet and got walked on by a 650hp GTR from 30-140. I believe he is running something similar to an Alpha 6 package plus some other bits. By 140 he put at least 5 lenghts on me. Now back to the drawing board to optimize my setup. I do believe there is a...
  3. Street Racing
    Saw this video going around. I'm assuming it knuckles' CTS-V. Kinda cool how the revs of the GTR matched the music on the first pull. Are you on drag radials?
1-3 of 3 Results