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  1. FS: 2009 CTS-V, 20K Miles, Thunder Gray, Manual - M6, 585 RWHP, PERFECT! *Financing Available*

    CTS-V'S For Sale
    I've owned a lot of cars in my life, but I can honestly say this one tops them all. It took me 6-months to find a pristine, low mileage, stick shift CTS-V and when I finally found one I had it inspected and bought it the next day. I am the second owner and it has been garage kept since new. The...
  2. Plastidip question. Help!

    Exterior Upgrades
    What all should I order to effectively Plastidip all window trim, grille, vents, emblems and trunk piece? Thanks :)
  3. New to the CTS-V family! DFW, tx

    New Member Introductions
    What's up everybody! Cadillac dealer employee here. Just ordered my '14 V Coupe! I have a couple of days to decide on a few things before its accepted by the factory... What do you think about the new "Phantom Gray" vs Black Raven? It looks to me like the PG doesn't have as green of a tint to...