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  1. Fuel Pump Questions

    Thanks in advance for any tips and directions. I am not getting anything from the car as far as fuel pump priming or fuel/pressure. I am narrowing it down to a few things. Either it has no power to the module/pump or the pump itself is bad. I am leaning towards faulty wiring as there was a wire...
  2. Guide Guide to fueling for higher horsepower LT4 CTS-V3s

    2016+ CTS-V Talk
    It is critical for the direct injection LT1 and LT4 engines to maintain proper fuel supply and there is always a lot of misinformation out there about what fuel options there are and what is actually safe. WEAPON-X was one of the pioneers with the direct injection fuel system when we picked up...
  3. FS: Few Parts

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Few items that are for sale: - Used set of OEM Rotors w/ 8K miles on them (SOLD) - Used set of OEM Brembo Brake Pads w/ 8K miles on them (SOLD) - Used OEM Fuel Pump w/ 16K miles on it (SOLD) - New OEM Third Brake Light for Coupe ($150) - New 8.6 Lower Crank Pulley Ring for IW Balancer ($80) -...
  4. FIC Fuel Injectors - Available at Mont Motorsports

    Mont Motorsports
    FIC Fuel Injectors available at Mont Motorsports We offer injectors to cover all of your needs whether it be LS1/LS6, LS2, or LS3/7/9/A in a large range of sizes 850cc / 1000cc / 127lb / 142lb & more! These are all direct drop in, plug-n-play units that include injector data necessary for...
  5. Fore Innovations: CTS-V Triple Pump Fuel Systems starting at $2,049.99 SHIPPED

    Mont Motorsports
    Mont Motorsports is now an authorized dealer of Fore Innovations! *** Fore Innovations - CTS-V (LSA) Triple Pump Fuel System (FORECTSV) *** PRICING STARTING AT JUST $2,049.99 SHIPPED Fore Innovations - 09-15 Cadillac CTS-V (LSA) - Triple Pump Fuel System *** FREE SHIPPING *** Choose...
  6. Check Engine Light - Fuel Control System Problem

    The dreadful Check Engine Light Came on today, no limp mode though. Onstar says "Fuel Control System reading not as expected" Only mods - Airaid/Green Filter. Green filter has been on for about 2 weeks / 200 miles. 93 Octane - Texaco / Chevron last fill up. Any thoughts before I head to...
  7. P0231 Fuel Pump Circuit CEL

    General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    So i got my car retuned yesterday and swapped my plugs out for BR7EFs along with adding a NGK wideband kit. Did a bunch of road tuning and dyno pulls no codes. Then left to head home on my 4 hr drive did a lil 1-3 pull and noticed a code a few minutes later. Brought it back around and read a...