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  1. Tuning
    When I bought my v2 CTS-v, I overlooked the hard 1-2 shift as I really wanted the LSX block that was already in this car. However, had I done some more research, I would have discovered all the youtube videos and probably walked away from the deal: In hindsight, a whole lot of NOS was thrown...
  2. CTS-V Pictures
    I had a couple buddies who had been bugging me to do a shoot of there car so I got both of them together and headed out to a local spot I like. I figured since I hadn't really done a full shoot of the new V that I would throw that in the mix while I was out there. It ended up being three silver...
  3. Tuning
    I thought there may be interest in an in-the-car video while on a dyno of Jeremy Formato tuning my V after the installation of Tony’s 2nd generation Norcal SS HX. Run time is about 11 ½ minutes. The video was shot on June 27th at Keith’s Pit Stop in Gettysburg, PA at 12:48 PM. It was a party...
1-3 of 3 Results