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  1. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I am selling my set of 20 inch Forgeline GA1R Wheels as I am moving to a 15 inch drag radial. Fronts are 20 x 9 and rears are 20 x 10.5. The wheels will work for both Sedan and Coupe. Perfect fitment for Sedan and Coupe will have to run an 11mm spacer in the rear to fit flush with fender like...
  2. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I'm selling the ones off of my car, only a thousand miles on them. Forgeline GA1R Satin Black monoblocks 20x9 20x10.5 with 255/305 Vorti R tires. Tires are equivalent to Mich Super Sports. TPMS, mounted and balanced. $5500 shipped takes them so you save $2000! Coupes would need a spacer...
1-3 of 4 Results