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  1. What are these trim pieces called and where can I get them?

    General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    I bought a used '13 CTSV Sedan M6 with black diamond tri-coat exterior and these lips under the rocker panes (as seen below): I need to repair/replace one of them due to some damage, and I am unable to find either the original P/N (if they are factory) or the aftermarket supplier if they are...
  2. Sedan spoiler options?

    Exterior Upgrades
    I am just wonder what rear spoiler options there are out there. I like the new ATS V and CTSV ones, but I know they have a more rounded shape to them. Please share your pics and comments. Thanks!
  3. 09-14 Colors offered

    General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    Would you guys happen to know what colors Cadillac offered for each year?