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  1. Other Vehicles Pics/Videos
    Last Sunday we decided to rip up my field. My EVO is the black one. About 400hp and 400tq on E85.
  2. CTS-V Videos
    Here is a video of my V getting the crap beat out of it by my buddys. I was driving the ETS GTR again so I let my friends take. Was trapping 156mph with 2 people and 153mph with 4 people. The car drove 10hr there beat on and driving back. Sure if fun seeing it beat up on all the turbo BMW's...
  3. Engine/Supercharger
    A few mons back I had a customer that had a local shop do a larger build on his ZR1 with very disappointing power for mods done. Another sad note the shop that built the car promised 800whp and pushed the tuning shop to make the MD dyno read 800whp even though it was only doing 630hp on there...
  4. Other Vehicles Pics/Videos
    We reset our own record this weekend at our local IFO Event. Quick specs for any one that cars. FP42R 8 2100cc injectors E98 fuel Our 4g63 motor build ETS Turbo kit and IC Magnus Dry sump AEM EMS series 2 with AQ1 data logging 4egt, 4wb, back pressure on each scroll, 7 bar map sensor on car...
  5. CTS-V Pictures
    Too the CTS-V out to my local import event. Could not believe the amount of attention the car got. Was a bit nervous since I am a import guy at hart. Ended up running a [email protected] which I was happy with . Need to more hp to take advantage of my new found traction.
  6. Other Vehicles Pics/Videos
    Thought I would share some info on this Amazing car I have had a chance to tune, Drive :) and work on. The car is owned by a close friend of mime who we work very close with Extreme turbo Systems. We have a pretty cool relationship since he is a parts builder and I am a installer tuner. We...
  7. Engine/Supercharger
    Been taking baby steps with my V so I can learn each mod. I was about 520whp straight pump gas before and 540whp on E30 tune. While at hart I am a turbo guy I sure to love the insta power. Its 500tq at 2500rpm which feel pretty good:) For some reason I thought going from a stock lower to...
  8. Track Racing
    So this Sat I was the road course. Started the day off with my EVO and did so 20min Sections with that then in the after noon I switched over to try out the V for the 1st time at the road course. I felt this would my last time to try the V around the road course since I feel my next round of...
  9. Track Racing
    Last night I had a chance to take the V out for my 1st time at the drag strip this year and my 1st time in a RWD car. This was on stock size Continental Extreme contact tires. Pretty happy about my MPH with my little mod list. 2.5upper,Mid pipe no cats, New era intake and tune by me, but the...
1-9 of 9 Results