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  1. Northwest
    They took my brother's GTR to the next level from 7XXwhp- 1000whp, great service all around , monitored the car / oil change at event, checked logs over and over at the last Shift S3CtOR making passes in the 180s mph range. A few yrs ago I have a Evo X, they hosted a dyno tune event, I was...
  2. Track Racing
    Had the V out a Formfest did a Lid spacer and retune since the last time I ran the car. The Lid spacer picked up 1-2mph and almost 2 tenths. Mods at this point are 2.5 upper 9.1 Lower Meth injected New Erra Intake with Green filter 160deg stat ETS Front heat exchanger Lid spacer done by ER...
  3. Track Racing
    Had a Chance to do take a few cars down to the Airstrip Attack race in CA last weekend. I was driving a 1200hp GTR that we tuned and did some work on. So I let my friend take the CTS-V down. He kept getting called out all weekend only got beat once and that was a car that jumped him on the...
1-3 of 3 Results