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  1. FS: OEM Engine Bay Plastic Covers

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Have the full set of oem engine covers off my 2009 V for sale. Just prefer the look with them off. $100 obo. Located in NYC. Thanks guys.
  2. 2016 CTS-V ECU Location?

    CTS-V Lounge
    Hello, Does anyone know the location of the ECU Module on a 2016 V? I want to send mine out to Hennessey but they aren't telling me where it's at. I just don't want to start taking things off not knowing. I would appreciate any advice as spring is upon us! Thanks!
  3. Multiple Random misfires

    hey guys I'm running a built 418 with a 2.3 blower and meth, yesterday one of the spark plug wires feel off of the coil pack and i immediately herd the difference in the tone and plugged it back in. this morning i went to get my usual coffee and the car ran fine for about ten min then started...
  4. Compression on new build

    So I'm going to be putting together a new short block soon and leaves me debating on what compression ratio to go with. I've been tossing around the idea of 10/10.5:1 as the car runs on E85. My concerns would be if for some reason I can't get E would it be safe on a 93 tuned accordingly and...
  5. New supercharger!

    CTS-V Lounge
    :D I took my V to the dealer told them to check it out and do a cabin filter change. Mentioned that there is a rattle coming from the super charger. The called me back to tell me they were going to replace my supercharger! Awesome! only got about 16.9k on it and getting a new supercharger. I...
  6. Driven a 2014 Vsport?

    CTS-V Lounge
    Anyone know of anyone who has driven a vsport? If so how do they compare to sock V? They look nice and good on gas! I wonder what the start price will be?
  7. WTB- Crankshaft

    CTS-V'S For Sale
    Crankshaft P/N: 12603616 I spoke to and they say its out of stock. Anyone has an extra crankshaft laying around or know where I can get a hold of one? Worth the try.
  8. Oil Pressure Low

    General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    After a WOT run I noticed some noise......clicking noise. I pulled over and noticed I was low on oil. I added a quart I had in the trunk and the car stopped making any noise. Next thing I noticed was that I had low oil pressure (6psi) at idle). Though no light came on, I was still concerned. My...