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  1. Fueling
    I'm far from the best on pricing but certainly not the worst. I'm just glad I finally have a couple stations that pump 93, although I only fill up with e85. And it's just down the street from work. So I have an e85 station about 2 miles from home and now an e85 station (and 93) less than a...
  2. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Some information about the product: Attached are pictures of the Dashlogic product I'm selling, along with a few screens I was using. Very efficient and easy to use. I wanted a simple way to monitor ethanol...
  3. Engine/Supercharger
    So I'm going to be putting together a new short block soon and leaves me debating on what compression ratio to go with. I've been tossing around the idea of 10/10.5:1 as the car runs on E85. My concerns would be if for some reason I can't get E would it be safe on a 93 tuned accordingly and...
  4. Fueling
    Can I run the Ligenfelter 63lb. injectors with: Current mod: Air Raid Upcoming mods: Metco 2.5 pulley E85 upgrade kit Kenne Bell BAP I am thinking that I can get between 550 and 570 when running E85. Current dyno on Air Raid and tune only is 480RWHP.
1-4 of 6 Results