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  1. Forgestar F14 17" Drag Wheels w/ Mickey Thompson ET Street R 305-45R17 *Pictures*

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Please refer to pictures of actual wheels and tires. 3 visits to the track, 10 total runs, and about 500 miles of street driving. DOT on tires : 1718 (2018 production tire) Very nice and even wear, as the rear of my car has almost no camber or alignment issues (factory ride height ; not...
  2. 10.07 @ 138mph in my wagon... not quite in the 9's, but hey, I lifted the front wheels!

    Track Racing
    Went to Famoso Raceway yesterday in Bakersfield to test out the wagon... was shooting for a sub 10.00 1/4 ET, but fell slightly short. A little lighter, a little cooler, a little lower DA, a little crisper shifting, cooler IAT's bla bla bla. Maybe next time I'll propel her into the 9's :cool...
  3. Fronts Only: Welds S71 18x4.5 on MT front runners that have 80%, Trade for S71 20' or 18x8'

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Looking to trade fronts only: Welds S71 18x4.5 skinnies S71s with MT front runners that have 80% Trade for 18x8 or 20'' Welds S71 Location: Houston, TX.
  4. 1/8 & 1/4 MPH's, looking for track advice

    Track Racing
    Guys So I know a bunch of factors weigh into the 1/4 mile and obtaining the best time possible. I have only started playing at the track recently and I am trying to figure out a few things. For the guys that are running 9s and 10s. What is your MPH marks at the 1/8 and the 1/4? I am...
  5. Sept 24th, Test & Tune at MIR

    Track Racing
    DMV guys, Who would like to head to MIR on Sunday Sept 24th for some test and tune and to see how many V's we can have in the 9s and 10s that day? Hopefully the weather will be in our favor.
  6. Track Rental @ MIR

    Track Racing
    Guys, As we are getting closer to the fall I was wondering if/when the next track rental will be at MIR? Since I work and am in school I need to really plan in advance but would love to officially own a 9 second V. Thanks, Craig
  7. Drag Setup - Mickey Thompson ET Street II 305/35/18 + Cz06 Wheels

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Hi guys, also selling my near-new Mickey Thompson ET Street II 305/35/R18 drag radials currently mounted on Plastidipped (don't mind the overspray - rubs right off) Z06 wheels that I believe are replicas, but fit without any spacers or weirdness on my car. I used this setup on my CTS-V with no...
  8. WXM has done it again with Weld on the 2016 + CTS V gen 3 and ATS V wheel fitments

    Weapon X Motorsports
    We worked with Weld to figure out all of the Gen 2 CTS V fitments from 15" to 18" and we were right back to work on the new V Series cars. The ATS V is on an 18x5" and 17x10" drag pack. I have cut a 1.55 60' on the ATS V in 2200 DA launching at 9.5psi and went on to be the first ATS V in the...
  9. FS: Polished Coupe Rears, Eibach Springs, MT DR's

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    As I get closer to selling my car I figured I would get rid of some of the extra parts that I have laying around. This is what I've got. Polished Coupe Rears. SOLD -No bends or curb rash, but both wheels do have light scratches and nicks on them. Mickey Thompson Drag Radials, 305/35-18...
  10. Drag Radial 305 35 20??

    Has anyone run this size tire on their wheels.. I can't seem to find any pics or anything regarding this size tire on a CTS-V at all.. PLEASE HELP!!
  11. MT Drag Radials and C5 Thin Spokes with Spacers - 305/35 R18 - - $400

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I sold the V so now I am cleaning out the storage area. Up for sale are two Mickey Thompson drag radials on genuine c5 thin spoke wheels and appropriate spacers to fit on a sedan. The drag radials have about 10 passes on them with very minimal burnouts on only half the runs. I was running a...
  12. Drag radials sketchy in the rain (Nitto NT05r)

    Was driving in some good rain yesterday on the highway with some fairly worn "normal" street tires (285 Kumho Ecsta) and felt fine, I get some new Nitto NT05R drag radials installed today (305/35-19) and they sure aren't confidence inspiring and a little scary. I had read that MT were terrible...
  13. How to get my V to Launch harder only 38% throttle during power breaking. EFI LIve

    Track Racing
    Been digging through all my motor and trans maps and I cant figure out how to let the ECU give me some more throttle to launch with. Had a friend send over HP Tuners screenshot that had a stall rpm setting. I find if I just whack the gas off idle it will go Wot but if I try and stall it up...
  14. Our Drag Talon [email protected] and a pretty amazing AWD Burn out.

    Other Vehicles Pics/Videos
    We reset our own record this weekend at our local IFO Event. Quick specs for any one that cars. FP42R 8 2100cc injectors E98 fuel Our 4g63 motor build ETS Turbo kit and IC Magnus Dry sump AEM EMS series 2 with AQ1 data logging 4egt, 4wb, back pressure on each scroll, 7 bar map sensor on car...
  15. Some pics of my new Weld Drag wheel setup like everyone else :)

    CTS-V Pictures
    Too the CTS-V out to my local import event. Could not believe the amount of attention the car got. Was a bit nervous since I am a import guy at hart. Ended up running a [email protected] which I was happy with . Need to more hp to take advantage of my new found traction.
  16. 12.0 125mph :( My tracks take on the 2008 cage rule

    Track Racing
    Last night I had a chance to take the V out for my 1st time at the drag strip this year and my 1st time in a RWD car. This was on stock size Continental Extreme contact tires. Pretty happy about my MPH with my little mod list. 2.5upper,Mid pipe no cats, New era intake and tune by me, but the...
  17. Any one from Portland OR? PIR opens this Friday and weather looks good.

    Have not seen anyone from Portland OR yet but I figured I better try :) Gates open at 5:30pm and they race till 10pm. $28 to race $9 to watch and I think its cash only. Hopping to get some base line 1/4mi with my 540whp 2009 CTS-V hope I get to test the new 11.5 and faster rule with no cage...
  18. !8'' c6 spyder gloss black wheels with MT ET STREETS 305/35/18

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    i have a pair of c6 spyder wheels for sale. they are in like new condition. they have 3 passes at the track aond one burnout on them asking $1000 plus shipping. or i will drive up to 2 hours away from cincinnati to meet up with you to save on the shipping. I WILL SHIP BUT AT BUYERS EXPENSE...