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  1. 18x5 Race Star Front Runner Wheels (skinnies) with 4.5/28-18 M&H Tires *Pictures*

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    Bias Ply DOT Certified Tires (driven on the street for less than 20 miles, driven at 3 track days / 10 total runs. Tires have nice, even wear and are less than one year old. 4.5/28-18 DOT Certified NEW Tire! Wheels were painted matte black. I'll upload more detailed, close up pics later this...
  2. 9.652 @ 139.10mph w/ a 1.262 60'. Wagon finally went 9's! Video and pictures inside :)

    Track Racing
    Overfilled the transmission by adding an extra 2 quarts of fluid, raised the rev limiter to 7000rpm, eased up on the torque management to allow for harder, more solid shifts, and went back to the track... had a much better result this time around. My tuner (Tom @ Izzy Performance in Gardena...
  3. Shift points in a 1/4mile

    Track Racing
    Hey guys I know this will vary depending on car, build, altitude etc however just wanted to get an overall understanding about our cars. For the guys running 9s and 10s what are your typical shift points between gears? I am not looking for exact numbers just ballpark idea. 1-2?? 2-3?? 3-4...
  4. Track Rental @ MIR

    Track Racing
    Guys, As we are getting closer to the fall I was wondering if/when the next track rental will be at MIR? Since I work and am in school I need to really plan in advance but would love to officially own a 9 second V. Thanks, Craig
  5. New V Owner in Austin, Tx

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    Hey y'all! I am new to this forum and a new V owner. I got my 2014 V Coupe about a week ago, and it has about 40k miles on it. I have my first race (in this car) in August at the Quick 30 event here in Tx. My car is currently off to Dedicated Motorsports to get several mods before this...
  6. Wanna Go Fast NC 1/2Mile

    Street Racing
    Guys I am signed up for both days and ready to rock!!! Who else will be doing this event?
  7. 19s vs 18s vs 17 drag radials

    Track Racing
    My build will be done by mid of next month in time for the race season. I'm unsure what drag radials to run. The easiest is to get 19s MT ET Street SS but I'm not sure whether it can go low 10s with over 700whp. Second alternative is to get either a 18x10.5 C5 Z06 wheels or 17X10 Welds. Will the...
  8. July 11th and 12th NWN Motorsports roll races and from a dig!

    More info: NWN Motorsports
  9. 2012 6 Speed CTS-V Personal Best 10.897 @ 130.52 :)

    Track Racing
    Took a drive out from Los Angeles to Sacramento to hit the strip and visit some friends with my fiancé (what a trooper and cheerleader she became) haha. Previous best runs were between 11.20 and 11.30 @126 mph with a 1.57 60' on my stock clutch. Well.... I blew the clutch a couple months ago...
  10. Drag Racing suspension upgrades including 15" Weld wheel kit options

    Track Racing
    Here are some of the suspension parts I had done that I keep meaning to list out here. This was what was on Heintz Racing's old V cutting low 1.3s the very first time out. No doubt it will go deeper. 1. Weld Racing 17"/15" kit - 17x4.5" fronts over OEM brakes ;) and a 28" tall tire so the...
  11. CTS-V 1/4 mile times!! (NEWLY UPDATED)

    Track Racing
    First off I want to thank ExpatMedic who originally started this list back in 2012. I reached out to him to seek approval to take over this list, but after no response and lack of updates after several months I decided to take it upon myself to recreate the list and make all the updates that had...
  12. 18"/17" Weld w/ DRs - Group Buy WITH WELD REBATE $200!

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    The other Group Buy closed, but I've had enough interest to run it again and for you guys on the fence there is even MORE incentive! Weld is offering a spring offer of a prepaid $200 gift card to with any full wheel order! For you guys that have ordered and don't have yours yet, PM me and...
  13. ADDCO 1.375" drag rear sway! NIB $275 plus shipping

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    With th help of a buddy on here, Addco bent a solid 1.375" rear sway bar to help the IRS. Stock is only 192lb-in and this bad boy is 1,025lb-in! I need mine remade with a more narrow profile for new 15" wheel setup but these will work with the 17" welds or 18" setups guys are using too. Pics...