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ctsv custom wheels
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    360 Forged is a well known manufacturer of 3 Piece Forged and Mono Block Forged wheels. They just introduced a 1 Piece line, which is brought in raw-- no finish; Blanks, without any drilled bolt pattern, so back pads and offsets can be customized. Below please see the 3 models being offered...
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    Received one set of Euro Sport F-701 20x8.5 Semi Concave, 20x10.5 Super Deep Concave for V-Coupe. Please see package option and pics below. Can be refinished CTS-V Coupe Wheel/Tire Package:*255/295 Toyo Proxes 4*Plus (2)- 20x8.5 Semi Concave Euro Sport Matte...
1-2 of 2 Results