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  1. Cooling
    Installed heat exchanger but noticed powersteering and coolant lines are touching the back of the heat exchanger, anybody that installed one have a solution for this or will it be ok leaving it like that?
  2. Cooling
    I’m looking at getting a Vadder DC HX. I’m pretty new to FI cars and to be honest the LS platform, I noticed that people tend to run chillers or small tanks with coolant or water wetter. Is that a required thing? Also along with it what is the pump option for? I was looking at spending around...
  3. How To Section
    Hey guys, I'm looking to change out the radiator coolant, and also wanted to drain the coolant for the supercharger. I know to drain the radiator you pop off the lower hose. Does this drain the supercharger coolant as well? Is there anything special regarding this process or is it straight...
  4. Cooling
    Hey guys I currently have the under hood ice tank with Zl1 pump. I already have and plan on installing the EMP reprogrammed pump. While doing this I am debating on going to the trunk tank for extra capacity as I think the EMP will be pushing the coolant too quick through the current set up. I...
  5. Cooling
    Hey guys I was analyzing my cooling system today and noticed that I currently have 3/4'' ID Heater hose. I am thinking about going to 1'' Heater hose however thought I would see if anybody has done it before and noticed a difference. Please note my current Internal diameter is 3/4'' My gut...
  6. Cooling
    Ok so I need this. I have two separate Devils Own tanks in the trunk. One feeds an EMP WP29 for water/coolant, and the other is for meth. The meth tank seeps methanol from the fuel cell type cap under lateral G's. The seals can't keep up with the meth. There is also no spot for a remote vent. So...
  7. Cooling
    Making a pass down the strip when the thing went poof! Seems like it was a bad weld. I managed to get it welded on site to get me back home but my system went dry and my stock pump won't run now.
  8. General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    Hey guys just got registered over here! I see theres already a crowd :) So I was told by some friends that I'd keep the car cooler if I used water wetter or methanol instead of coolant with the heat exchanger/supercharger. Please advise on this.
1-8 of 8 Results