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  1. Track Racing
    Anyone else's car pull the clutch pedal in when taking off? I Have a high mileage(90k) V that pulls it in for pretty much my whole 60. I thought it was my tired, old clutch that was obviously on it's way out but recently put a shiny new centerforce in there. First trip to the track with the new...
  2. Track Racing
    Sooooo, Some of you have been checking out my Centerforce Clutch Install thread. I finally managed to get the car back together and working right late this week. I also got ~600 total miles on the clutch and about stop and go miles (Tireless driving around London) before I got her on the Dyno...
  3. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I have a clutch/flywheel sitting here with 44K miles I'm about to throw in the trash once I'm done with my upgrade. If you pay for shipping costs, I can send it your way (in about a week or two).
  4. Transmission
    Good morning all! With my Centerforce DYAD clutch kit nearly at my doorstep, I would like to gather some info specific to our cars regarding the clutch change. Most folks who have upgraded have opted to have a mechanic do the job. I will be doing mine on a lift an plan on recording as much as I...
  5. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    I just purchased a connect and cruise package from gm, it came with a flywheel and clutch which i do not need, as i will be using the automatic trans that came with the package. Priced at 1/2 new 500.00 plus shipping. CALL ANYTIME 315.420.7405
  6. Transmission
    I think on Saturday I felt the clutch slip on a hard upshift from 2-3. It did it again on Sunday going 70mph and dropping into 4th. It could have been traction but I doubt it was that at my power level. I read around a bit and dont see many options out there for our cars. I saw a review on the...
1-6 of 9 Results