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  1. CTS-V Videos Had the car retuned by Cal and picked up some decent power, now time to see what it translates to at the track. Previous best before the tune was a 10.7 at 132 in fairly warm weather. On Cal's dyno it picked up roughly 50whp
  2. Weapon X Motorsports
    Cranking out another one ;) This was a white glove service brought in from IL and will be dropped off in PA with our door to door service!
  3. CTS-V Videos
    So I got Matts 2.5 in the other week and thought I'd do a little idle video. Also has a little slow-mo war drums action towards the end. Cool effect I saw a video of on Facebook. All shot on an iPhone so not the best sounds quality. Exhaust is kooks long tubes with catless x pipe and stock...
1-3 of 3 Results