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  1. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    12631035 OEM LSA supercharger / blower lid from my 2012 Cadillac CTS-V. Pictures are of actual item. Good condition, no leaks or damage. 38k miles on it. Sensors included. Fits 2009 to 2015 LSA / CTS-V. $400 shipped. Located in Glendale, California Thanks! Allen
  2. Engine/Supercharger
    Hi guys, I have an '09 CTS-V that was modified by Lingenfelter when it was brand new. It has this package on it: (Won't let me post links yet) Here are the cylinder heads that are included...
  3. Engine/Supercharger
    It's looking like I have a potential extra LSA blower in my grasp and have been working on an LS3 stroker motor for an old truck for a long time. I set it up with a large stroke (427) thinking I would keep it NA, and maybe in the future go with some boost. I hear a lot of opinions first of all...
  4. Engine/Supercharger
    Alright guys, I have been reading and looking around a bunch. Why aren't more V owners going with LS9 or LT4 superchargers? The LT4 fueling I can see being a hurdle to incorporate, but why havn't more guys especially larger C.I. gone with the LS9 Supercharger? The LT4 blower is a 1.7 and...
  5. 2016+ CTS-V Talk
    We've been in talks with Whipple since last summer on the release of their latest LT4 bolt on supercharger. After a few months of "patiently" waiting on one, we finally got the green light that Whipple was ready to send us the first beta test unit to get on the LT4 wet sump. It just so...
  6. CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Both were sold locally thanks.
  7. Engine/Supercharger
    A few mons back I had a customer that had a local shop do a larger build on his ZR1 with very disappointing power for mods done. Another sad note the shop that built the car promised 800whp and pushed the tuning shop to make the MD dyno read 800whp even though it was only doing 630hp on there...
1-7 of 9 Results