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  1. Keep ears open for me, 13' CTS-V Sedan $50k 24k mi currently

    Sold Sold please delete post.
  2. 2011 V SEDAN Automatic Transmission issues?

    Have 70,000km on my 11' sedan and A number of issues have started to arise which im addressing on the forum before my 80,000km warranty is up. When downshifting in most gears (say 3,000rpm in 3rd to 2nd or 4th to 3rd) the car downshifts, then almost exactly 1 second later hesitates or stutters...
  3. S2T paddle shifter pics

    Weapon X Motorsports
    Great product, took 2 minutes to snap in too... I had a lot of fun driving to and from the track today. It's def much easier than those little buttons on the back.