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  1. Dashlogic in stock at Mont Motorsports

    Mont Motorsports
    Dashlogics are in stock at Mont Motorsports This device allows you to plug into the OBD2 port & display PID's on your factory DIC display under the speedometer. You can select multiple PID's to be displayed on one page. For instance, I log the following parameters; Wideband o2 / IAT2 / Knock...
  2. Newbie - Introduction & AeroForce Gauge Question

    Hi. I'm new here and this is my very first post, although I've been stalking the site for quite awhile. I recently picked up a 2012 CTS-V in the Charlotte, NC area and the previous owner already swapped out the clock for an AeroForce gauge. Unfortunately, there appears to be no power going to...
  3. Aeroforce Interceptor Gauges starting at $239.99 SHIPPED

    Mont Motorsports
    Mont Motorsports is now an authorized dealer for Aeroforce Technologies Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge ^^^ CLICK LINK ABOVE ^^^ AEROFORCE INTERCEPTOR GAUGES STARTING AT $239.99 SHIPPED Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge ^^^ CLICK LINK ABOVE ^^^ Aeroforce Interceptor Gauges starting at $239.99...
  4. Goodies for sale!

    CTS-V Parts For Sale
    Sold the V and am waiting on the new one, I kept some of the goodies if anyone is in the market. Just let me know what you want. 1. SOLD! -Aeroforce pod gauge with V logo - $150 (Black face with logo) 2. SOLD! - Vitesse paddle shifters - $40 (Silver) 3. SOLD!- AirRaid cold air intake - $150...
  5. New to the 600 Club!

    *UPDATE...You can see and hear the car in action HERE* I had my car in for a little spring upgrade that included: Stainless Works catted LT's w/ Black Satin ceramic coating MSD Wires NGK TR7ix spark plugs Lingenfelter Varimax Intercooler Pump Big 3 Racing Heat Exchanger Tank Aeroforce gauge w/...
  6. Tuning and Monitoring

    Weapon X Motorsports
    click: TUNE/MONITOR Do you need more insight into your 2009+ Cadillac CTS V? GM equips the car with a lot of sensors and with it being a forced induction motor, there is much more going on under the hood than the dash will lead you to believe. You can simply replace your dash clock with a...