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2005 ctsv

  1. Blown Piston Rod LS6 *HELP*

    Engine Mods
    I blew my motor over the weekend on my 05 CTS-V. The block is cracked. I purchased the car back in march and unfortunately I do not have warranty. I was looking at getting a LQ9 block, but wanted to know what would be the best route to take to get it back running.
  2. Missfire / Stuttering Problem

    Engine Mods
    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get some help from someone on a small problem I have run into with the car. 1st thing- Under a load, say 5th or 6th gear at lower rpms, if I get into the throttle a little bit to pick up speed, the engine will stutter or miss a little bit until I get up into...