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  1. Track Racing
    Has anyone had luck with 17 inch slicks? if so what brand and size? I tried posting in tire section but no luck yet maybe here somebody will chime in.
  2. Track Racing
    This past weekend I participated in the Wannagofast half mile event. I made 6 passes and all of them were boost only. I was trapping 131-132 at the 1/4mile marker and 161mph and 163 at the half. Car makes 760whp Full weight and I didn't remove one thing to make it lighter. Temp was 93 and...
  3. Track Racing
    Took a drive out from Los Angeles to Sacramento to hit the strip and visit some friends with my fiancé (what a trooper and cheerleader she became) haha. Previous best runs were between 11.20 and 11.30 @126 mph with a 1.57 60' on my stock clutch. Well.... I blew the clutch a couple months ago...
  4. Track Racing
    First off I want to thank ExpatMedic who originally started this list back in 2012. I reached out to him to seek approval to take over this list, but after no response and lack of updates after several months I decided to take it upon myself to recreate the list and make all the updates that had...
1-4 of 4 Results