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  1. General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    Hello All, Newbie questions :cool:. Finally bought a lovely 2012 CTSV and was playing around with it, have couple of questions, hope I can get some help on here: 1. Is there anyway my daughter can continue to watch a DVD while the car is moving? Because it shuts down the video and plays only...
  2. General 09 Up CTS-V Questions
    Apparently 0-60 in 4 to low 4s is not enough for me. Rarely have the opportunity to hit 100+ , so the 0-60 is ideal. The real question is, how can I accomplish 3.5 seconds to 60 on the street without losing my warranty? I guess a good trans tune or new rear may do it, but I like warranty and...
1-2 of 2 Results