Southern Indiana anyone?
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    Southern Indiana anyone?

    Just wondering who all is here.

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    Louisville, KY
    I'm in Louisville. Several of us in this area.
    2011 CTS-V Coupe: 659whp/598wtq on E60 - Tuned by WeaponX! M6, silver hardtop, gloss black roof, titanium Recaros, Airaid, gloss black MRR228 20x9/20x11s, red calipers, WeaponX carbon splitter/side blades/fog light buckets, rear inserts, D3 rear diffuser & Bladewing, Core Shifter, WeaponX Track Attack and Low Mount HX, Eibachs, QTP wireless cutouts, 2.55 pulley, ID850s, ported snout, Mamo TB, NGK TR7IX, ZL1 lid (milled and powdercoated), Pinnacle Coolant Tank, DSteck E85 sensor, SideSwipe LSXTV article on my V
    1999 Firehawk Trans Am #156 of 719: M6, red/tan t-top, cam only
    2017 Focus RS2: (Daily)Stealth Grey, HRE FF04s, TunePlus, ECS Intercooler, AccessPort
    2010 CTS Sport Wagon Premium AWD: A6, maroon/tan - wife's ride
    2014 Fiesta ST: project car for my daughter
    2015 Fiesta ST: my project car


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