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Thread: Welcome Mamo Motorsports

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    Welcome Mamo Motorsports

    Please welcome our newest Supporting Vendor - Mamo Motorsports!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTSVAdmin View Post
    Please welcome our newest Supporting Vendor - Mamo Motorsports!
    Thanks for the welcome!!

    Guys I am a big fan of the CTSV and currently own a modified 2nd Gen I built back in 2012 that has been an awesome car to drive and own over the years (still runs like a top 6 years later). Honesty its the one hotrod I can say I actually put a lot of miles on because as we know these cars are really excellent to drive and I use it for road trips any chance I get (bought it with 24K on the clock.....modded it at 36K and now it has like 65K or so on the odometer. It was a very mild build with OEM ported heads that I did and a baby cam (218/230) and to be honest I plan on revisiting that project in a year or so with alot of good ideas that I feel will net me an extremely powerful daily driver type finished product that's just as easy to cruise and live with as my current combo but make 125 more TQ and HP at the wheels (using my new aftermarket heads, my CNC ported blower, flex fuel conversion and probably adding displacement at the same time and building a stroker). Anyway....its going to be awesome and I plan to baseline the car with the current mods right before it goes under the knife.

    Something Im just as excited about and much more "current" however.....I will be working with a member of this board (flntv) on a full Mamo Motorsports build utilizing his OEM shortblock and I have high hopes about the outcome of this project. We are using all my latest and greatest gear to build up the top half of this engine and I think this project will really showcase what some of the new products I have are capable of both on the dyno and at the track (my newest head upgrades, new rocker arms I had made for my heads, my ported blower, custom cam etc.).

    We just got the ball rolling a few days ago but Im very excited about working with Jason (the owner) on this project and we will be posting results and info from this build as things progress (hopefully pics and videos as well).

    That's is for now....I have been posting on this board for years as many of you know but now I do so in a more official capacity so to speak as a supporting vendor of this forum

    If you guys need anything don't hesitate to contact me either by PM, email, or phone

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