Warranty Voiding Thru Tuning - GM Bulletin
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    Warranty Voiding Thru Tuning - GM Bulletin

    Someone on the other site posted an excerpt from a GM Tech Bulletin regarding the procedures and/or requirements to verify tune calibration whenever suspected drivetrain failures have occurred. It is interesting to note that it states it is REQUIRED if an internal engine hard part is suspected failure and only RECOMMENDED if it is a suspected driveline failure (Trans, diff, etc)

    | Document ID: 3287408#09-06-04-026G: Identifying Non-GM (Aftermarket) Engine and Transmission Calibrations forV6 and V8 Gasoline Engines Using Tech 2 or Global Diagnostic System 2 (GDS 2) - (Mar 19,2013)Subject:Identifying Non-GM (Aftermarket) Engine and TransmissionCalibrations for V6 and V8 Gasoline Engines Using Tech 2® orGlobal Diagnostic System 2 (GDS 2)Models:2006-2014 GM Passenger Cars and Light Duty Trucks — EquippedWith Any V8 Gasoline Engine2012-2014 Chevrolet Camaro — Equipped With V6 Engine RPO LFXAttention:This Bulletin is effective beginning February 4, 2013. This bulletinapplies to the above V6 and V8 gasoline engines ONLY. ForDuramax™ diesel engines, refer to the latest version of CorporateBulletin Number 08-06-04-006. Always refer to the GM ServicePolicy and Procedures Manual — Article: for the latest GMPolicy and Procedures Information.This bulletin is being revised to add the 2014 model year, a Table of Contents, add Notice bulletsto Section 1. for GM Requires and GM Recommends the CVN Procedure being performed,revise Sections 2. and 3. as Overview Information, add a Notice at the end of Section 4. andSection 6., revise Sections 8., 8.A., 8.B., 9., 10. and 11. and update the information includingadding additional graphics. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 09-06-04-026F (Section06 – Engine/Propulsion System).

    Table of Contents


    1. Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, Rear Axle Components and CatalyticConverter Failures Due to Non-GM Engine and/or Transmission Control ModuleCalibrations Being Installed — Including GM Calibration Verification Requiresand Recommends Notices


    Overview of Calibration Retrieval and Calibration Verification Procedure forService Agents NOT REQUIRED to Call PQC for Powertrain/DrivetrainAssembly Replacement Authorization


    Overview of Calibration Retrieval and Calibration Verification Procedure forService Agents REQUIRED to Call PQC for Powertrain/Drivetrain AssemblyReplacement Authorization


    Retrieving Engine Calibration ID and Verification No. (Number) InformationUsing the Tech 2® - This Action is Required for ALL Service Agents (ModelDependent)


    Tech 2® Displaying All Zeroes for the Verification Numbers on the VehicleInformation - Calibration ID and Verification No. (Number/CVN) Screen


    Retrieving Calibration Information From Global A Vehicles Using GDS 2 - ThisAction is Required for ALL Service Agents (Model Dependent)


    Creating a JPEG (.jpg) File From a GDS 2 Calibration History Screen ShotUsing Microsoft Paint


    Calibration Verification Procedure — For Service Agents NOT REQUIRED toCall PQC for Powertrain/Drivetrain Assembly Replacement Authorization —Using the Tech 2® or GDS 28. A. Calibration Verification Procedure — Using the Tech 2®8. B. Calibration Verification Procedure — Using GDS 2


    Calibration Verification Procedure — For Service Agents REQUIRED to CallPQC for Powertrain/Drivetrain Assembly Replacement Authorization — ThisProcedure MUST be Performed by the Calibrations Group


    Procedure for ALL Service Agents for E-mailing .jpg or JPEG Files to theCalibration Group at — TACCVN@gmexpert.com


    Calibrations Group - New E-mail Address - TACCVN@gmexpert.com


    Warranty Information


    1. Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, Rear Axle Components and Catalytic Converter FailuresDue to Non-GM Engine and/or Transmission Control Module Calibrations Being Installed —Including GM Calibration Verification Requires and Recommends Notices



    Be advised that GM REQUIRES retrieving the Calibration Information andperforming the Calibration Verification Procedure as outlined in this Bulletin,whenever diagnostics determine a hard part failure may have occurred oninternal engine parts and BEFORE disassembly, repair or replacement of anengine assembly under warranty.


    Be advised that GM strongly RECOMMENDS retrieving the CalibrationInformation and performing the Calibration Verification Procedure as outlined inthis Bulletin, whenever diagnostics determine a hard part failure may haveoccurred on transmission, transfer case or rear axle components and BEFOREdisassembly, repair or replacement of a transmission, transfer case or rear axleassembly under warranty. It is also RECOMMENDED that the engine controlmodule Calibration Verification Procedure be performed whenever diagnosticsdetermine that catalytic converter replacement is necessary.


    While it is not a REQUIREMENT to verify transmission control modulecalibrations on gasoline engine applications, like it is with engine control modulecalibrations, they can still be verified in the same manner if it is necessary for anyreason.

    General Motors is identifying an increasing number of engine, transmission and catalyticconverter part failures that are the result of non-GM (aftermarket) engine andtransmission control module calibrations being installed.When alteration to the GM-released engine or transmission control module calibrationsoccurs, it subjects powertrain and driveline components (engine, transmission, transfercase, driveshaft and rear axle) to stresses that were not tested by General Motors. It isbecause of these unknown stresses, and the potential to alter reliability, durability andemissions performance, that GM has adopted a policy that prevents any


    Service Agent warranty Transaction submissions to any remainingwarranty coverage, to the powertrain and driveline components whenever the presence ofa non-GM calibration is confirmed – even if the non-GM control module calibration issubsequently removed.Warranty coverage is based on the equipment and calibrations that were released on thevehicle at time of sale, or subsequently updated by GM. That’s because GM testing andvalidation matches the calibration to a host of criteria that is essential to assure reliability,durability and emissions performance over the life of the warranty coverage and beyond.Stresses resulting from calibrations that are different from those tested and released byGM can damage and/or weaken components, leading to poor performance and/orshortened life.Additionally, non-GM issued engine control module modifications often do not meet thesame emissions performance standards as GM issued calibrations. Depending on statestatutes, individuals who install engine control module calibrations that put the vehicleoutside the parameters of emissions certification standards may be subject to fines and/orpenalties.This bulletin outlines the Calibration Retrieval and Calibration Verification Procedures


    ALL Service Agents including Service Agents NOT Required to Call PQC forPowertrain/Drivetrain Assembly Replacement Authorization and Service AgentsRequired to Call PQC for Powertrain/Drivetrain Assembly Replacement Authorization,using the Tech 2® or GDS 2 to identify the presence of non-GM control modulecalibrations.If a non-GM calibration is found and verification has taken place through GM, theremaining powertrain and driveline warranty may be blocked and notated in GlobalWarranty Management (GWM) and the dealership will be notified. This block prevents
    any UNAUTHORIZED warranty claim submission.

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    I think we all knew this more or less, but it is very helpful to know exactly what kind of instructions the dealers are getting. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely buy my vehicle from a known mod-friendly dealer.

    I'm totally OK with taking responsibility for any failure caused by my own modifications - I think it is dishonest to break your car and try to cover up the true cause if your mods really did cause the problem. I think what most of us have a problem with is dealers using mods as a loophole when any reasonable person could clearly see that your mods did not cause the failure in question. I don't expect a mod-friendly dealership to do anything inappropriate, but I would expect them to work with me on a reasonable assessment of whether or not the failure was due to my mods or not.

    We all know there are known issues with various parts of the engine, drivetrain, etc. When you have a dealership trying to blame your mods for a well-known problem that affects a broad set of cars, some stock, some modded - that's when you need a mod-friendly dealer to step in and back you up. Unfortunately, my dealership is about as clueless as they come. I took my V in for the notorious wheel click problem and they were like "what the heck is THAT?". I knew right then that I was going to have to explain in painful detail every single problem I came across. And if I had a major failure and had modified the car, there's no way they'd back anything up because they just don't have enough knowledge or confidence to do so.
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    This is not a new bulletin on these cars, it's been in place for years. Started mostly after diesel guys were blowing their motors using hand held tuners. In the end, why is this surprising, the only person responsible for blowing the motor is you for tuning it in the first place. Do your homework, pick your parts and tuner carefully, and you generally do not have to worry about internal failures.
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    My dealer knows my mods and also works on a Hennessey V700. I told the service guy I want to race the V700, he would not stand a chance.
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